Tips to Accessorize Like A Boss this Winter

As we near the colder months, most of picture ourselves bundling up in cozy sweaters and thick jackets to brace ourselves for the frightening cold that awaits outside our warm homes. But, who’s to say we can’t face the brisk winter air while remaining on point with our fashion?

Here are some tips to turn heads while keeping weather appropriate this winter.


Keep those ears warm while looking fresh in a stylish winter hat. Believe me, girl’s love when a guy can rock a beanie. Invest in a high quality knit cap for a go-to accessory that can be mixed-and-matched with a variety of outfits. A knit cap can certainly be worn with formal wear for a night out necessity, as temperatures drop! This makes the walk to the pub a lot more appealing than getting frostbite on your ears just to have a pint with friends.



Although you can’t go wrong with a basic dark shade, don’t be afraid to check out some bolder colored hats. You’d be surprised at the statement a bright beanie can make on your appearance while remaining classy and sophisticated.



New Look Ribbed Beanie In Bright Orange


Trapper Hat

If you dare to stand out, while staying ridiculously warm, then the trapper hat (also called the Ushanka Hat) is the one for you. I wouldn't be surprised if this hat becomes one of the most popular winter accessories this year. Its interior fur lining keeps your head, forehead, and ears protected from the low temperatures, with a bit more style than the usual beanie.




Just like the winter caps, a good scarf will protect you from the brisk wind while adding a flare of fashion to your outfit. Pair this with some shades and a button-up shirt, and you’ve got yourself looking like you just walked out of GQ Italia.



 Choose a scarf that will compliment your winter coat, which is usually a fairly bland tone. Rich reds, dark greens, and navy blue hues are all extremely complimentary to the winter season. Plaid patterns and thick-knits will add texture and detail to your look, while drawing attention to your face. All while keeping you cozy. Win-win-win.


 New Look Woven Check Scarf In Green

 New Look Woven Check Scarf In Green




Nobody wants their toes to be numb from the bloody cold weather while they walk to the tube station every morning. Gone are the days when your mum would force you to wear the thickest rubber boots so that you could play king of the snow castle at recess. It's time to take matters into your own hands. The best part of these fun adult decisions? The heads you'll turn once you find the right pairs of boots for your style. 



Source: @bluecollarprep


Chelsea Boots

There’s nothing like a good pair of Chelsea boots to pull together an outfit. These boots are as versatile as they come, with the ability to be worn casually with jeans and a sweater, or dressed up and classy, thanks to their slim and sleek look. But, they may not keep your feet as warm as other boots, so when the weather drops, purchase some thick wool socks if you still want to rock these beauties.

Source: lookastic


 Brogue Boots


Ted Baker Sealls Brogue Boots on


A pair of boots that will keep you warmer in the wet and cold winter months are the Brogue Boot. This boot, while very aesthetically pleasing, is also often insulated and slip-proof, thanks to its vibram soles. These boots are also versatile in the sense of being suitable for the office, and for a day/night out.


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